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Emergent Self

Linda Maytum-Wilson


About Me

I have long and broad experience of the world of work having held senior and leadership positions across the private legal, public service and charity sectors. I have led on public engagement, impact, service design and operations, assembling and developing high performing teams to help me do so.

A values-driven strategic thinker, I have a track record of ensuring strategy drives action and delivers impact for stakeholders.  My passion for the inclusion, development and empowerment of others means I have learned as much about personal effectiveness, leadership and systems change delivering front line services as I have working with the Home Secretary.  Whilst I traded on my analytical and problem-solving skills, I recognised early on – long before it was mainstream – the importance of my own emotional intelligence and its relevance in the modern workplace.

I am a solicitor, a Fellow of the RSA and hold an Institute of Leadership & Management post-graduate qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.  I currently hold one public appointment.

“There are times when a safe space and perspective are what we need to think through challenges, options and priorities. Sometimes we understand a situation intellectually but we can’t move forward.

Coaching can help us see ourselves more clearly as well as find new perspectives on the behaviour of others around us. Exploring what keeps us stuck can be a powerful way of reframing challenges and finding solutions.”

Linda Maytum-Wilson

About You

You are a leader – a Board member or an executive leader; you may be championed or emerging as a leader; you may be an aspiring leader with management responsibility. Whatever your current role, you have been thinking about how to strengthen your performance or direction at work. You may have framed your thinking so far as how to develop your leadership skills, style or visibility; you may want to enhance your influence, impact or emotional intelligence; you may have been contemplating your purpose, values and authenticity; you may be in transition and wondering how best to step up, out or across.

Whatever you have been reflecting on, you are looking for change, improvement and solutions. You are open to new ways of thinking, willing to learn and invest in yourself to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

My Practice

I will provide a safe, supportive and confidential space to explore whatever brings you to my practice, to do your best thinking and find solutions. I will be honest with you and ask that you be honest with yourself. 

My style is warm and supportive but I will probe and challenge you, always focusing on outcomes and practical, realistic plans for growth and development. Ours will be a partnership of equals focused on self-awareness and clarity about the way forward.

Praise & Appreciation

“From our very first session, Linda created a safe atmosphere where I felt I could talk about matters that were important to me. Her pragmatic style really came across in our first session and I looked forward to the next one. 

Our rapport continued to develop and I felt challenged to really think about what I could do more of or better or differently as a result of our discussions. Linda’s questions helped me consider alternative perspectives and she gave me some structure to focus my energies on setting and achieving action-based goals, a specific deliverable each time that I could work on after the session.

I took action as a direct result of each of our sessions and this allowed me to move on – either emotionally by identifying the emotional content of a problem or strategically by talking through possible next steps. I feel I have been on a journey where I have gained more self awareness at a key point in my career. 

Key words to describe this valuable experience are focus, clarity, action and positive outlook.”


Director of Employee Relations

“Linda was very good at asking me questions and actually listening to the answer. Her relaxed demeanour put me at my ease and sessions were structured so that we were able to cover lots of ground and detail without getting bogged down. She pointed out if I contradicted myself and helped me get to the heart of the matter, persevering past any nebulous responses I offered to achieve clarity about what the issues were.

The most powerful impact of Linda’s coaching was my increased self-awareness. I was able to get to the crux of an issue that I didn’t realise was in fact the root of some anxiety that I was experiencing. I had no idea that this was the case until we examined it together in detail.

The whole process was very motivating because the clarity of thought I achieved gave me an opportunity to concentrate on the important things (inside and outside work) and achieve more in those few areas.”


Senior Police Officer

“Linda’s coaching helped me refocus on my priorities and provided clarity during a potentially problematic role transition. She quickly established rapport and I felt at ease whenever we met. 

Her insight, warmth, professionalism and life experience made each session both highly productive and enjoyable. I’m very grateful to her for the energy and empathy she brought to our coaching sessions and for supporting me in making some important professional and personal decisions.”


Brand Consultant

“Linda began coaching me when I faced a particularly challenging decision about my future professional direction. 

She helped me clarify my goals and to understand what I would need to overcome personally. She also challenged some of my assumptions and helped me to see how there might be different ways of approaching issues. 

Linda’s coaching was helpful and challenging in equal measure.”


Partner in regional law firm

“Linda began coaching me at a very difficult time in my career, following a business restructuring that had a fundamental impact on my future. She quickly established rapport and I had full confidence in the confidentiality of our discussions. She helped me make sense of the situation before me and identify what I needed to do to move forward in a positive way.

Her ability to understand my personality and values was crucial to this success. Linda’s coaching helped me understand the drivers behind the feelings I was experiencing and, most importantly, the relevance of the values I try to live by to my career decisions. This could be an important factor for my personal happiness moving forward.”


Partner in regional firm of property consultants

“Personal power, authenticity and effective leadership begin with self-awareness. 

I coach and mentor because nothing matters more to me than helping clients explore their own strengths, values and resourcefulness and applying them to the opportunities and challenges of the workplace.”

Linda Maytum-Wilson


I work flexibly and want to work in the way that best suits your needs. Tell me what you think you need and we can discuss next steps.